State Of Survival Game Ep 14 How To Upgrade Heroes Ashbgame this episode of state of survival gameplay walkthrough episode 14, Upgrading the XP Hero level is considerably easy. You can get XP by letting Heroes be part of the team you use to Explore, or you can use a combat guide to set EXP to him or her. The maximum level at which you can increase your character is determined by its ranking. Increasing your character's EXP level will increase their basic attributes, making it an important part of strengthening your character. You can increase the rank of a character with special fragments for that character. You will also receive general character fragments of a certain level that you can convert to any character (if it's already opened). High character rank allows you to take your character to a higher level and increase character skills to a higher level. Increasing the ranking does not directly improve your character, but your hero ranking limits the maximum level of experience and the level at which the character's abilities can be increased, which makes ranking very important. The following table lists the requirements for updating character ratings. but you also have to remember to upgrade your hero precinct this governs both hero ranking and hero EXP level. #StateOfSurvival #Ashbgame More State of Survival Tips : Latest Trending Games : About the game: Build an empire to survive waves of zombies. Create your strategy and fight. It's been six months since the zombie apocalypse began. The virus has infected the city. Six months of terror, horror, survival and fighting against zombies. You are a survivor and your friends are in a brave fight against monsters. Build a city that survives the constant waves of zombies. Welcome to the State of Survival. Ready for a strategy survival game. The zombie infection has ripped across the country taking all of civilisation with it. Now it is survival time, as the surviving military and government have gone underground. The world belongs to the infected now. It is time to build a city with a strategy to survive zombies and monsters. The plague is expanding faster, and the people need a hero! They need a survivor, since the only goal is to survive. In this adventure, you can make friends or fight against other survivors. Shoot zombies with your sniper gun in fps mode. Death is coming and the battlefield is just for heroes, so build an army. PEGI 7 Games: Strategy Games: Download State Of Survival Game For Free On Android Devices from Google Play Store Link : Download State Of Survival Game For Free On iOS Devices From Apple Store iTunes Link : State Of Survival Game Ep 14 How To Upgrade Heroes Ashbgame