How To Get Free Coins, Gems Cookies/Play SpongeBob Krusty Cook-Off Game No Cheats/Mod Apk Unlimited

via #Ashbgame I've played this game for couple weeks now to be able to understand the game and share this amazing Tutorial Tips for you guys. Guys you can use the time stamps below to take you directly to the sections you want in this video. What to upgrade @ 0:22 and what to focus on. How To Get Free Coins @ 1:49 free Gems or diamond 2:12 free Cookies @ 2:52 in game without cheats or mod apk, and how to Play Sponge Bob Krusty Cook-Off Game @ 5:14 No Cheats No Mod this tips are technically Unlimited as you can use it multiple times. Also when you log in daily you get amazing daily rewards. The game is not hard to play just quick play and focus as you serve your customers and fast fingers lol.