GAME, Rolly Legs Gameplay Review EP 1 Ashbgame I say Rolly Legs what's the first thing that comes to your mind. EXACTLY. Just what I thought. Something that is round and has legs, Well I hope we are both on the same page on this one. First flaw is that you can't really master the so called Rolly leg ROBOTS, as they were never properly designed and their physics was not created properly it actually seems unfinished from our point of view. Rolly Legs by voodoo is not only another fun game to play that lacks proper mechanics and planning. Rolly Legs deserves a lot more work and attention considering the idea of the game. Voodoo is responsible for churning out so many Games that are very basic and not so great 3D visuals but they still pack the punch of fun which to my aspect does not last that long at all. Every gamer is different in the types of games they play and what they expect but we cannot shy away from the point that Voodoo are always so desperate to throw out cheap games for the sake of making money. I don't think their games last very long. although saying that some of their games like, Crowd City, Dune, Fire Balls 3D, and few more do still keep our gamers alive and kicking. Nevertheless they eventually still succumb to the near fact of another game another dollar. please move on from that. Gameplay Walkthrough SUBSCRiBE: #RollyLegs #Ashbgame Latest Trending Games : G A M E A D S V S R E A L I T Y : About the game: Physics-based race. Master your robot and roll, walk, climb your way to the victory. Roll on slopes to gain speed, and use your legs wisely to climb on difficult areas. PEGI 3 Games: Arcade Games: Download Game Free On Android Devices from GOOGLE PLAY Store (Search Game Title) - Download Game Free For iOS Devices From APPLE STORE iTunes (Search Game Title) - Discord and Tag: ashbgame#3387 GAME, Rolly Legs Gameplay Review EP 1 Ashbgame